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Survey of Surety and Fidelity Bond Positions Survey

Data Collection and Reporting Information

The Surety & Fidelity Association of America has selected Fitzgerald's Compensation Consulting Services, Inc., an independent third-part human resource consulting organization, to develop and conduct the Survey of Surety and Fidelity Bond Positions.

The survey collects individual incumbent pay related data by work location (postal zip code) and by insurance line-of-business.  Specific line-of-business codes will enable the participant to designate the bond line(s) the incumbent has responsibility for handling.

Long-Term Incentive estimated values are not collected or reported in this survey.  Instead, the survey collects and reports on LTI program participation eligibility by incumbent and program design feature information as available by company.

The survey will report summary survey results for each survey job by company size (grouped by Direct Written Premium reported), and where sufficient populations of data are available, summary pay information will be provided by line-of-business, and by regional locations.

Each participating company will receive a custom report providing the participant's reported pay levels (summarized) in comparison to, and an analysis of the pay difference to, that of all other survey participants.


This survey has special pricing:

  • $1,750 for participants
  • $3,500 for non-participants 
    • Non-participant purchase must be approved by the Surety and Fidelity Association

Questionnaire for Download

Below is the current year's questionnaire. 

(This is needed for participation in the survey)

2020 Surety Fidelity Survey Questionnaire (xls)



This lists the participants that were from the past and current year. 

(Current years participants added after the publication of the survey)

2018 Surety Participant List (pdf)


2019 Participant Lists - Surety (pdf)


Job Lisitng and Definitions

This is an excel files that lists the jobs with definitions that the survey covers.

Surety Job Listing and Description (xlsx)


Sample Report

Below is a sample of the report so you can see what it will look like. 

(Any data shown is for example purposes only) 

SuretySampleReport (pdf)