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Fitzgerald's Call Center Insurance Positions Survey

Data Collection and Reporting Information

The Center Survey covers insurance positions found in multiple call centers: Claims, Underwriting, Insurance Telesales, Processing and Human Resource Service Centers.  In addition, positions that are common to more than one type of center are surveyed as “Cross-Center” jobs.  

There are typically multiple levels per job family included in this survey: entry, developing, command, and specialist levels for claim, underwriting, sales and processing jobs and also three levels of management jobs in the claim, underwriting and sales job families.

The survey participant report will continue to provide all participants with a custom report reflecting percentile based compensation information:

  • For each job, statistics will be shown for the average, and the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles of Base Salary, Actual Bonus paid, Bonus Target %, and Total Cash Compensation.
  • National pay information will be presented for each surveyed position for which five or more companies have reported pay data. 

 All participating companies will receive a customized report of the survey findings in PDF format.  The report includes your company’s pay data compared to the survey results, on an average and percentile basis, of all other survey participants within the United States.  Additionally, the survey reports national and regional based compensation data for each job. All of the above pay related information will be provided to survey participants   in both a PDF report format, and in an electronic, importable Excel® file format (including survey job descriptions).


This survey has standard pricing structure.

Questionnaire for Download

Below is the current year's questionnaire. 

(This is needed for participation in the survey)

2019 Call Center Survey Questionnaire (xls)



This lists the participants that were from the past and current year. 

(Current years participants added after the publication of the survey) 

2018 Center Participant List (pdf)


2019 Participant Lists - Center (pdf)


Job Listing with Definitions

 This is an excel files that lists the jobs with definitions that the survey covers.

Center Job Listing and Descriptions (xlsx)


Sample Report

Below is a sample report for an idea of what the file report will look like.

(Any data shown is for example purposes only) 

CenterSampleReport (pdf)