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Compensation & Benefits Survey

Data Collection and Reporting Information

The Monterey Bay Aquarium and The National Aquarium have selected FCCS to develop and conduct the Compensation & Benefits Survey, specializing in Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo positions.   We believe the results of this survey will prove to be valuable to those involved in maintaining salary administration programs. 

As this is a sponsored survey, the participants receive a free survey; it is normally conducted at every 2 years.

Participants receive a written report, PDF, and excel input file for use in participants' pay program. 


This survey has special pay structure. 

FREE for Participants.

Notes / Annoucement



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Questionnaire for Download

Below is the current year's questionnaire. 

(This is needed for participation in the survey)

Files coming soon.


This lists the participants that were from the past and current year. 

(Current years participants added after the publication of the survey)

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Job Listing with Definitions

This is an excel files that lists the jobs with definitions that the survey covers.

Aquarium Survey Job Descriptions (pdf)


Sample Report

Below is a sample report for an idea of what the file report will look like. 

(Any data shown is for example purposes only)

Files coming soon.